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The inventor of spherical horns 球形/非对称号角喇叭发明者

  • 德国
  • www.acapella.de/en/
  • Hermann Winters KG,Koloniestr. 203 ,47057 Duisburg
  • 0049 -203- 361222
  • acapella@acapella.de
  • 0049- 203- 361111
  • 德国喇叭花Acapella可说是将喇叭技术融于美学设计的最佳代表之一,它的每件作品莫不像是现代艺术品般吸睛,让观者无不惊叹其大胆又优美的造型,摆在家中除了是音响,更是为空间增色的摆设。 全世界做圆号角最出名的公司有两家,都在德国,一家是Acapella,另一家则是Avantgarde,Acapella在自家网站和宣传手册上都写说他们是圆形号角的创始者,显然有意和同是来自德国的Avantgarde互别苗头,但这两家公司仅有大尺寸圆形号角旨趣相同,设计上的逻辑却大有不同。 喇叭花Acapella的产量很少,几乎都需要预定,销量好的产品大多是配备离子高音的中大型喇叭,安装不易,要在音响店组好全套系统试听机会也不多。 喇叭花Acapella官方网站上的品牌介绍: Statement Playing his own musical instruments and going to a concert are music lover’s true artistic original experiences. We all know that it is very hard to replace them in an adequate manner. But just the serious music lover might be unable to accept the programmes of the concert season. If you would like to analyze deeply and continously demanding music, you will have to revert to the much-maligned records or other taped music. CD and records may help you to discover the structures and details of a composition. They will enable you to go through the music with the help of the score and the arrangement. Moreover, you will become acquainted with the most different interpretations and versions. They are bringing the magic richness of tone of the most famous orchestras to your ears; they can put us in churches that we never had visited before and they can present rare master instruments to you. They are reproducing for us all kinds of music at any time. This is what pre-recorded music can offer you. We assume that you are using a sophisticated Hi-Fi system and not only an expensive "stereo-system" which, in spite of the fine-sounding name of the manufacturer, turns the original sound into its own caricature. In the ideal case, components become instruments, cover and contents are one thing, very close to the human beings, to the senses, to the being. Best sound quality, highest longevity, combined with an unique function, create the bridge. ACAPELLA products are unique combinations of design, function and engineering. All parts are carefully handcrafted by ACAPELLA. The serial numbers are marked by hand and registered in the production records. Every unit has ist own serial number and production trail. On the basis of these recorded data's, all characteristics can be reproduced at any time.
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  • 稀有且名贵的听音重器——评德国Acapella Triolon Excalibur(阿卡佩拉 特丽龙)

    【HiEnd音响殿堂 评测】音响是一种兼具理性与感性的东西,理性的部分当然就是技术、设计、规格…等筑起器材基石的「硬件」,感性的部分则是外观、美学、声音品味…等填充内涵的「软件」。通常硬件说得「
  • 宽广开放宽松大器——喇叭花Acapella High Cecilia

    【影音发烧站 评测】打开Acapella的官网,第一个映入眼帘的就是这句话∶Theinventor of Spherical Horns。这句话是说他们是圆号角的发明者,也点出了Acapella喇叭的重点就是圆号角。的确,Acapella目前在线的16种喇叭中,除
  • 喇叭花Acapella BassoNobile号角喇叭-海山全台首发妙听闻

    【音响共和国 郭汉丞评测】Acapella BassoNobile号角喇叭在2016年慕尼黑音响展上首度亮相,而我来海山听的这一对BassoNobile则是第一批引进台湾的新鲜货,开箱之时还邀请编辑部同仁来拍照,虽然属於Acapella「中阶」喇
  • 轻尝离子高音的魅力:试听阿卡贝拉Acapella High Violoncello II

  • 聆听ACAPELLA LA MUSIKA纯银信号线,准确,干脆,爽快,高能量感的德国风线材。

    德国品牌ACAPELLA阿卡佩拉以号角喇叭闻名,尤其是其离子高音,是精髓所在。这幅LA MUSIKA信号线,是其高级纯银制品,他的声音,可以代表德国之声。极为中性,准确,干脆,爽快。将人物与乐器的形体有栩栩如生
  • 音乐试听沙龙和一些音乐随想

    并非每年冬天上海都会下雪,今年冬天就不同以往,不但下雪,而且还下了暴雪,曾几何时见过雪花这般漫天飞舞,天地间一时惟余莽莽,顿然有了些许 “山舞银蛇,原驰蜡象”一派北国风光的意蕴。 恰逢节气
  • 我的最佳推荐 Acapella Ion Tw 1S

    来自德国Acapella的Ion Tw 1S等离子超高音。等离子超高音单元与任何传统单元就不一样,它是利用电压产生电弧,音乐信号就加载到电弧里直接发声,没有振膜的振动也就不会有任何由此产生的相关问题,因此让Ion Tw
  • 心醉神驰——全茂试听Acapella Triolon Excalibur MKIII

  • 轻尝离子高音的魅力——全茂试听Acapella High Violoncello II